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Introducing the First Consultative Technical Writing Company


What the heck is a consultative technical writer?

A writer with domain expertise and business experience who creates documents which encompass that expertise. They are part business analyst, part subject matter expert and part writer. They not only asks less questions, but also have the experience to make worthwhile suggestions.

Consultative technical writing is ideally suited for small (10-200 employees), fast growing companies. Often times these companies are growing so fast, they don’t have the time to formalize or document anything, yet they still need the discipline and results afforded by on-target technical writing. Their employees not only don’t have the time to do it, they don’t even have the time to explain it. What they need is a technical writer who already understands what they need. They need a consultative technical writer. Weisman Consulting was created to provide consultative technical writing services to growing businesses.

One of the distinguishing features of a consultative technical writer is curiosity. Consultative technical writers understand the best way to help a client is to get curious about their business. That curiosity allows them to do analysis and provide consultation. It enables them to understand the business better so they can write clearer. And it also lessens the burden on the client because everything they produce requires less input and editing.

Most consultative technical writers are experienced business professionals who decided to become technical writers. Unlike other consultants, with consultative technical writers there’s never any question about what the deliverable is: an actionable written document. What kind of documents can they create to help growing companies? Business continuity plans, standard operating procedures, whitepapers, etc. Wherever business experience and expertise can be leveraged into creating documents that meet business objectives, with the least burden on the client, a consultative technical writer is your best investment.

When you need technical writing but don’t have time for a technical writer, you need a consultative technical writer. If you think your growing business could benefit from a consultative technical writer, click the button below.

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